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Shelter volunteer Darla Rupert took Rosie, a beautiful and loving shelter dog, out for a walk in late September 2011. They paused to bask in the sun, and Rosie rolled over for a belly rub. On their way back to the shelter, Rosie's tail never stopped wagging.

It was the last walk Rosie would ever take.

A virus had been allowed to spread through the Rockwall Animal Adoption Center. Shelter staff began killing dogs without asking anyone to help, to see if we could do anything to save them. Two days after her walk, Rosie was dead.

Rockwall Pets Rosie's FundWe believe she didn't get a fair chance. We believe she could have been saved with proper medical treatment. We believe she could have lived a long and healthy life in a loving home.

There is no way we're going to allow Rosie to die in vain. She lives on with Rosie's Fund, a medical fund that is used to treat dogs who would otherwise die at the shelter. Rosie wants to give her fellow dogs the gift of life she didn't get. Please donate today in Rosie's name to give a dog a second chance.

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